Once you have decided on the design, you need to start purchasing the concrete blocks to create the path. You will be laying the blocks out with the hole-side up, since they will be some of your planter boxes. Once the path is down, you may want to look for areas you want to add a little accent, with decorative wholesale perfume boxes planters. There are some planters that look like statues, or large vases on a pedestal and can be striking among the other plants.

From here you have one of two ways to go, you can start planting, or disguise the concrete block planter boxes. If you don't want them to look like concrete blocks, you can use a wall finish texturing that many masons use. It should be readily available in a home improvement store. This will add texture to the concrete block planter boxes and make them look more like a custom designed concrete creation than a bunch of blocks. You can even paint them at this point to add a little color.


Next, fill all the concrete Macaron boxes wholesale holes with potting soil, or a rich soil mixture that will work for the plants, and start planting.