Slice the hardwood as per the calculated measurements using cosmetic shopping bag and miter attachment. Next you would need to root out the corner joints with the help of a corner joint bit and router. Gather the entire box by patting wood glue onto the linking sides of the corner joint, and fix the sides together and let them dry. While the other technique is to nail the sides together with small nails or staples.

Wood Finish


wholesale paper boxes is conventionally finished by sanding the three facets of the box namely- top, sides and corners using a 120-grit and 360-grit sand paper. Thus, for finishing round out the corners with sand paper manually until it offers an impeccable look. Afterwards, one can use a hand-applied stain which is later hand-buffed using a rag for a natural, antique wood feel. Stain application with a brush provides the box a sophisticated style as well as designer finish.