Two other notes:

* It's best to keep to the weight of moving boxes below 50 pounds, and better yet to keep them below 30 pounds. Otherwise, boxes are both difficult to handle and more likely to break or burst. * Try to keep boxes filled to the top flaps. Over-filled boxes do not stack well and are more likely to break open. Under-filled boxes tend to cave in.

wedding paper cake box Answer:

Yes. There are two main differences between moving boxes and many other boxes:

1. Moving boxes are constructed to be much sturdier than an ordinary cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are usually measured using two different scales: one is called the ECT, or Edge Crush Test, and the other is called the Burst Strength test. The ECT measures the degree to which a box will hold its form and how well the boxes can be stacked one upon another. The Burst Strength test is measured in pounds, and identifies how well a box can hold together. Moving boxes usually carry a higher score on the ECT scale (meaning a score of 32 or higher) and the Burst Strength Test (a value of 200 pounds or higher), demonstrating that they are better alternatives for the demands of a household move. That allows them to hold more weight (about 65 pounds) while resisting tearing or crushing.

2.wholesale paper boxes come in specific designs to help solve specific problems associated with moving:


· Wardrobe boxes. These tall, deep boxes with built-in bars for hangers are ideal for transporting clothes from closets without causing damage or wrinkling. They are also extremely easy to use. In most cases, you can lift clothes straight from your closet hanger bar directly onto the hanger bar of the wardrobe box. Tip: You can use the bottom section of wardrobe boxes to transport shoes, which will cut down on the total number of boxes you'll need. Recommendation: We recommend these boxes.