One aspect of corporate monitoring which impacts on the public is the push on Paper Macaron package. A reusable bag is literally, as its name states, a bag which is meant to be re-used over and over to help reduce the production of bags which would normally just be thrown away after being used. A reusable bag can be anything from a cloth bag, or jute bag, to a thick plastic one that has been designed to last.


One type of bag which the handmade paper bag aims to make redundant is the old trusty paper bag. You may now be thinking "but paper bags are not that harsh on the environment," but you could not be more wrong. For example, one cloth bag gets re-used, cancelling out the pollution, if any, in the process of creating the bag and getting it into your hands. Whereas on the other hand, from one tree (15-20 years old on average) only 700 paper bags can be made, which are generally only used once. It doesn't sound all that bad until you realize that due to the process of making the bags, a single paper bag produces 70% more air and 50 times more water pollutants than that of a plastic bag!