paper gift boxes are not only used on the bottom of bird cages and litter boxes for the obvious reason but also in pet beds either whole or shredded to make softer beds..

There are just as many uses for paper bags in the garden as there are in the home. Use them to prevent weeds from sprouting by lining the ground before covering them with rocks, chips or other decorative covers. Remember, they are bio-degradable but also keep in mind that paper has poisonous ingredients, so don't use too much in food growing areas. Use bags to collect seeds by covering seed heads with a paper sack. Hold in place with a clothespin. Keep birds and insects off ripening fruit by slipping a paper sack over bunch of grapes or other fruit. Close and hold in place with a clothespin. Use to dry herbs by placing fresh cut herbs such as peppermint, basil etc. in paper bags, tie to a clothesline or branch and let dry. The herbs dry nicer because the sun does not deteriorate them.


wedding paper cake box are often used in childbirth to regulate mother's breathing during labor and for centuries have been used to calm down over-excited people by having them breath into paper sacks.