Craft Paper Strengthened with Cardboard

wedding favor boxes made of various types of craft paper are steadily gaining their market share. The explanation is simple - craft paper can have different textures and density, as well as it can come in a wide range of colors. When choosing art paper for your bags, you need to pay attention to the material's density. If the material is not durable enough, it can burst during one of its production stages, or later when the receiver starts to carry something in their bag.


The next step is to choose the handles. Most often these are rope handles matched to the color of the paper or matched to the color of the image that is applied onto them. In some cases, it makes sense to choose patch handles (cut out). The bag is usually strengthened by dense cardboard. These cusmetic box packaging can be manufactured in various sizes, depending on their destination. The printing can be done in one color or several colors. The material can also have foil stamping or special coating applied onto it. Such packaging is great for gifts, for the use in stores, as well as for presentations.