wholesale paper boxes are also useful for kids' crafts. Cut open a bag and put it on the table to provide protection and to make clean-up easy. They can paint or play with their clay without dirtying the table. They can even paint on the bag itself. Think of the paper this will save. Paper bags also make a good material for textbook covers for the kids' school books. They can customize these book covers by painting with poster paint, watercolors, or colorful markers.

Cardboard boxes can come in many shapes and sizes, you can have what I would call the most common box with flaps at the top and bottom to the more unusual die-cut boxes. A die cut box is a box which has been made using a cutting formed, basically you have a flat piece of cardboard and a cutting formed which has lots of blades mounted on a sheet of wood which presses out a shape in the cardboard and this shape folds to make a box. I suppose it is a bit like a cutting tool in the kitchen which is used to cut shapes in pastry to bake.


To make chocolate box wholesale, first you need the corrugated board to make into a box. Corrugated board is generally made of three pieces of paper bonded together with a starch adhesive. The two outer layers (liners) remain flat however the middle layer of paper is made wavy (known as fluting) this gives the product its strength and is now called corrugated board.