The mouthwatering paper gift boxes pastries on sale today are not only pleasing to the eye but very tasty on the palate and scrumptious to consume. Ancient Romans were known for their love of good food and even a decree passed by the Senate of the day to curb their consuming of sweet pastry cooking could not stop them from eating vast amounts of these delectable pastries.

Danishes are a sweet pastry made from yeast dough rolled in copious amounts of butter in many layers and filled with cream, nuts, cheese, cinnamon or custard. In any form or shape there will surely be a Danish pastry in the special five box.


Eclairs, heavenly light and filled with cream or custard and topped with delicious chocolate need stand back for none of its sweet confection cousins. Little is known of their origin but paper perfume gift box éclairs can also mean lightning. One wonders if it was for the gleam in one's eye at first bite or for the bolt to the taste buds as it was consumed.