Apart from mill made paper, the handmade paper industry has flourished in the country. This industry requires lesser amount of capital and thus it can be established in rural areas. The industry also provides employment to majority of the rural people in the country. The handmade paper bag products are much stronger than the mill made paper. It is much more durable and does not tear easily. A variety of gift items are made of handmade products.

cusmetic box packaging products can also be made from recyclable waste items due to shortage of trees or raw materials. Agricultural waste materials like straw, banana, cotton rags and jute can be used to make these products. The process of using recyclable materials will help to save trees and reduce the effect of deforestation. In spite of various bottlenecks and deficiency in raw materials, this industry is one of the leading exporters in the world which supplies products worth Rs 400 cores to other countries.


Do you love to reuse and recycle items for your craft projects? More people are making use of their paper shredders for old bills and junk mail, leaving a pile of shredded paper just waiting to be created into a craft project.