File System - Create a filing system that is easily accessible and convenient. If you happen to have a stack of magazines that you insist on keeping, use a Rubbermaid container or printed wine boxes to keep them in rather than having them lying all over. You don't have to invest a lot of money for your filing system either. Manilla envelopes or folders stacked in a desk drawer or a computer paper box works just fine as long as they are labeled clearly. Make a point to file your paperwork everyday and you'll never have to spend a day sorting through piles again.

In working with people on getting organized, paper seems to be the biggest challenge to about 80%. I know personally that it can creep up without warning. Schedule a specific time to work on sorting and filing your paperwork and it will no longer be your biggest challenge. Happy sorting!


It is quite often today one will find Rare Earth Magnets used in the production of retail packaging. This is most often paper box construction which has one or more movable flaps. Often seen in high end kids book collections, DVD collections, or things like Customized macaron box found packaged in paperboard. It is considered a replacement to the hook and loop type fasteners (i.e. Velcro) found in older style boxes.