Reusable red wine box are very often called a 'bag for life' and are shopping bags which can be used many times. Reusable shopping bags are alternatives to plastic or single use paper bags, and are often made from materials such as thick plastic or canvas. Bags made from these materials are much more durable than thin disposable plastic bags, and will allow multiple uses.

Recycling is an important part of modern waste management. Recyclable materials include many different types of paper, metal, plastic, glass, textiles and even electronic equipment. In a strict sense recycling a material would produce more of the same material i.e. recycling glass would produce more glass, but the recycling process may prove too expensive when compared to the raw material. In this case the recycled material will be used for something else if suitable. There is some opposition to recycling; claiming that it often wastes more resources than it saves.


Recycling is a process wedding favor boxes which is employed to turn used materials into useful materials, and therefore into new products, and this helps significantly reduce the consumption of fresh new raw materials. Recycling in this way can help reduce air pollution, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the need for waste disposal, by these actions greenhouse gases are also reduced to a lower level.