Simple craft baskets out of used paper folding box are quite easy to do even children can make them, and often enjoy doing so. You can use these crafted baskets for giving away a little produce from your garden, or some simple gifts. People are tired of the department store variety of gift wrapping that some handcrafted wrapping will be very welcome, for it comes with the love and concern of the gift giver. So for making a little, simple basket you earn many points with the recipient.

The basic steps in making the simplest functional basket are outlined below:

1.    Take out four paper shopping bags. Roll down the open edge of one by folding the rim outwards, until the rolled edge is about three inches from the bottom.


2.    Put corrugated paper box inside the first bag. Roll down the edge of the second only until it touches the edge of the first bag. Do the same with the third bag inside the second bag. You now should have a three-layered basket strong enough to carry most light dry materials. Flatten the rolled sides by creasing them down.