Paper Jewelry Boxes

By using a thicker type paper or cardboard, you can quickly create several types of paper gift boxes. These work great for parties or favors involving engagements, weddings or other jewelry parties. You can find many different templates on line for making your own box. The nice thing about using a heavier paper is you can go with many different colors so each box will look unique if you have many quests. It also allows you to color, stamp or put some other type of design on the outside that will make each box personable to the person that is receiving it.

Paper Macaron package for Kids


The neat thing about designing your own jewelry boxes for kids is that they can be a part of the process. For this type of box, household items that are able to open and close and can also be decorated work best. One example of this is an empty egg carton. It allows for multiple pieces of jewelry to be stored in the egg holders and it is easy to decorate, meaning the project can be done in a short amount of time and provide your kids will many hours of enjoyment and memories.