luxury paper wine box are often used for wedding related events, such as the reception or the rehearsal dinner in which the happy couple is to be congratulated. these boxes are an excellent idea for wedding gifts for both men and women, they are versatile and easy to use. Customary gifts to thank the wedding party are made all the more special in these tasteful and stylish wedding packages. The containers are small; a typical size might be 4 inches long by 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall. They are perfect for holding wedding favors such as chocolates and other candies, tea light candles or tiny picture frames. They can be personalized with ribbons, laces and handwritten messages.


A baby shower is another perfect occasion to use festive gable boxes. If you are aware of the genders of the baby, paper gift boxes are an excellent choice. Generally blue is used for boys and pink is preferred in the case of girls; or use many of them for each color. To reduce risks, use soft colors such as pale green. White is lovely too. a great way to thank your guests for their support is giving them some small gifts. The containers may be filled with anything such as homemade cookies, small soy candles, glycerin soap or seed packets that represent new life when planted. Ribbons, bows and lace can be pasted on the boxes to make them unique for a memorable baby shower.