One of the wisest things to do with paper cake box is to take them with you when doing some shopping. Of course, you must first check for holes or tears before setting out. After paying for your purchased items, you can always ask the packaging counter to reuse these brown bags instead of using a new one. Your effort will definitely be admired and you might even be seen as a good influence to those who are able to witness it.


Another creative concept that could come out of used printed wine boxes is crafting gift bags. There are many resources from which crafting ideas are featured such as lifestyle TV channels and the internet. These are indeed helpful if you are interested in making pretty gift boxes and wrappers out of used paper materials such as brown grocery bags. In doing so, you will not only be supporting the drive to promote a healthy environment but also be showing the gift recipient how much time and effort you have dedicated in the task of decorating the package alone of the present.