All you need are a couple of plain paper bags, a container of sand and a couple of tiny candles. Now fill these paper bags and boxes with three scoops of sand and push it down to the bottom. Push your candle into the sand ensuring it sits at even distances from the sides. Place your bag lanterns where you see fit and light the candles. Should you want something a bit more decorative, you may cut shapes into the bag or even paint them with translucent paint to create interesting shadows.

Fire hazards are not good

Avoid fire hazards by making your lanterns from materials which are fire resistant and safe like cutting shapes into metal cans. Keep your children and pets away from burning flames as they will investigate and get badly burned. Take special care of where you place your burning lanterns as the open flame may ignite items like curtains or furniture.


Never tamper with lanterns that have electrical wedding paper cake box bulbs as this may cause a fire in an instant. Many lanterns made today are highly flammable and getting them close to any open flame spells disaster.