As a form of storage, you would want wedding paper cake box that safely keeps the cake or cupcake in place. This is particularly important if you have a delivering service and you are transporting the item. Can you imagine that after long hours of baking, once you have taken the cakes to their destination, you present a puddle of mess to the customer? This wouldn't a good start to your business. Hence, appropriate boxes are critical - by appropriate, you should get the sizing right for the cakes and cupcakes you are making. For cupcakes, you can get inserts placed within the boxes which will hold the cupcakes tightly.


As you can see, not all paper gift boxes and cupcake boxes are the same. The size and features can vary so knowing your purpose for the box is essential. I recommend that you continue looking for more information and be thorough with your research even if this means speaking with others that are already running such a business in your local area.