Many buyers opt for small purchases paper perfume gift box because they are worried about storing these bags. They fear these bags will lose their stiffness as time goes by. Well, you just have to store them in a cool and dry place. Just wrap it in a plastic bag and you can store it without any fear of any damage or wear and tear.

If you have absolutely no space for storage, you can negotiate with the seller and place the order in bulk and accept deliver of the wholesale paper bags on a monthly basis. That would transfer the head ache of storage of the bags upon the seller.

However, the seller would be willing to negotiate such flexible terms and conditions for the bag purchases wedding favor boxes only if the firm is aware that you have other alternatives up your sleeve.


Make use of the web to get in touch with a large number of sellers. Simply getting in touch with numerous sellers will not be of any use if they cannot meet your demands. Online services helps you quickly get rid of unsuitable sellers and help you focus on the right type of sellers.