Macaron boxes wholesale is a popular type of paper container usually used to pack purchased items. There are many advantages from using this type of packaging. They are inexpensive to make, and they are recyclable. These are some of the reasons why this packaging is gaining more popularity these days.

If you own a business and you use this type of bag to pack your products, it is a good idea to buy them in bulk. Wholesale paper bags are usually offered at cheaper prices so that you can save on operational costs.


Basically, there are two types of handmade paper bag. The first type is the single wall bag. It onlyconsists of one layer of paper and used for the packaging of everyday items such as food and clothes. The second type is the multi wall bag. This type consists of multiple layers of paper, hence it is strong enough to hold heavy load. Multi wall bags are commonly used for packaging of industrial products such as flour, fertilizer, cement and grains.