Think about a white sticker on it to address the gift. handmade paper bag will not display pen markings clearly hence a sticker is necessary. It can be small and placed on the most appropriate part of the container or you can attach a card to it to address whoever you are gifting.

Boxes have become major industries in most countries and choosing one to put a gift in is almost as important as the present itself. Bakers and confectioners are using personalized cardboard containers to package their wares and to advertise their business. For a special occasion or for a loved one, you may however decide to find out how to design your own cake box.


One would need to visit the local craft shop or paper supplier to purchase cardboard of one's choice. Ensure that it is of good thick quality and large enough for the template to cut out in one piece. A person would also need to purchase a craft knife, foldable boxe wholesale and a good sturdy ruler.