Fold Customized macaron box into the correct shape folding the glued flaps over side sections to hold them in place. One can either decorate while the box is flat or once it is folded. With the many craft shops selling the most amazing selection of trimmings and embellishments a person can be as daring and adventurous as one wants to be having now learned how to design your own cake box.


So are you thinking of starting a business in selling cakes or cupcakes but have no clue where to start or even look for information? Well, let me commend you on getting this far right now. At least you have taken some initiative to come across this article. However, I want to tell you that reading this is just the beginning and there will be a long journey ahead of you. Amongst the mountain full of things to think about when starting a business such as this, one of the main things is storage of bio-degradable wholesale cake boxes product. I don't want to delve into preserving and extending the life of the food product you're selling as that will be an article on its own. I want to take a step back and look at this from both a marketing and short-term storage point of view.