handmade paper bag are seen all over the place by hundreds, even thousands of people. They are not only seen by other shoppers and potential customers but also by those who live around your customer and their families and friends. The exposure you can get from just a few of these bags with your logo and company information on them is far greater than the exposure you could hope to get from just posting flyers or things like that. When you advertise with carrier bags you get instant credibility. Just saying, 'hey we are great, you'll love our products' is one thing, but to see happy customers leaving your store with a bag with your logo on it says 'hey, this person loves our stuff, you will too, come on in!''


cusmetic box packaging let potential customers know you are safe to shop with. People are generally hesitant to try something new unless they are encouraged by others who have been there. This applies to not only new products but also to new stores. When people see happy customers carrying bags with your company logo on it they are more likely to view your store as a trustworthy supplier of quality goods. The cost of deluxe carrier bags is only a fraction of the income that the same plastic or paper bag will bring into your business. It's a very wise and worthwhile investment, and your customers will love it. Provide convenience and receive advertising in return, it's a win-win situation.