So remember, choose the right printed wine boxes for products. Whether is a color to match your product or a quality of box to enhance your product. Using jewelry boxes to display your products is a sure way to increase your sales.

If you are planning on moving soon, you have probably already been thinking of ways to pack your household belongings and personal treasures. Routinely people search high and low through grocery stores, alleys behind big box stores and even dumpsters looking for free used cardboard boxes. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever stopped to think of what might be living in these would-be moving boxes?


Recent developments in the war on Bed Bugs suggest that these blood sucking insects are hitching rides from house to house comfortably packed away with the household belongings of unsuspecting victims. In most cases the victims did not have Bed Bugs in their old home but by the time they unpacked in their new home, the infestations were in full force. Where do the infestations originate? The most likely explanation would be that Bed Bug eggs were laid in the empty chocolate boxes used in the move.