Everyone loves an Oreo cookie. Now, imagine a Belgian chocolate-dipped Oreo Cookie. Yes, it is like a dream! You can even find this heavenly treat designed with small candies as well. This unique treat makes the perfect gift that will make you the talk of the party. You simply cannot go wrong. Even better, add some gourmet chocolate-dipped wedding favor boxes brownies. Make sure the brownies are moist and chewy for maximum delight.

We also suggest adding some more classic chocolate-dipped candy treats. Perhaps add sweet and salty chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks to your gift box, a popular treat around Christmas time and anytime gift. Also, consider classic, golden graham crackers dipped in Belgian chocolate for the perfect crowd pleaser.


When you make cakes or even biscuits or perhaps cupcakes you will wish to place them in nice bins. Customized macaron box make for a great alternative at your disposal for you to protect your own cupcakes while also presenting them in a quite positive mild. The containers that you can get nowadays in the marketplace are generally friendly on the environment and are available in most forms or colors. The pastry boxes are great because they maintain your baked items fresh whilst providing them with the right protection in opposition to damage.