A wonderful new idea you should try is wholesale paper boxes. The idea is to present your clients with a unique and generous gift bag to thank them for every purchase. This is something you can do yourself; it is fast and impeccable, but the best part is indeed the result, a jaw-dropping gift bag that will certainly be cherished, commented, and even displayed at home.

These paper cusmetic box packaging take about five minutes to create, give a lifetime of enjoyment, and can truly boost your jewelry sales. We will explain here how you can start creating these wonderful bags right away. Most probably, you have some wallpaper samples or leftover pieces of it around your home. If you don't, just take a quick ride to the nearest DIY store and grab some pieces with wonderful designs. As you very well know, nothing is disposable these days; thus, this is a great way to use those small wallpaper pieces that you probably thought you'd never use ever again.