A special paperboard called paper cake box is the primary material for making these containers. If you see the sides of a corrugated shipping box carefully, you will find that it contains air columns. These columns make the box sturdy for holding heavy objects, while the air inside serves as a cushion for protecting the objects from any kind of damage. A special kind of mixture is used to make corrugated shipping boxes. This mixture contains adhesive and paper which is heated at a high temperature. In order to make this box sturdy, two to three layers of air columns are provided. These columns are also called liners or flute which is the chief component that provides strength to these printed wine boxes.

Corrugated shipping boxes are used extensively nowadays in households and industries.

The surface of these boxes can be painted very easily. Hence, you can use them for branding and other marketing needs by printing the desired designs through flexography or lithography.

When you are using sheets of corrugated cardboard, you can easily cut and fold them. This helps you in packing items of any size.

Corrugated shipping boxes have high burst, tensile and tear strength so that you can use them to move heavy items even during long journeys.


You can find a wide variety of such boxes that vary in terms of flute size, board types, chemical treatment, adhesive etc. Some of these boxes have special coatings such as control protection and flame retardant.