A great thrifty storage solution is to make your wholesale perfume boxes. Decorative boxes are wonderful accessories in any space, whether displayed on a bookshelf or corralling office supplies and photos. Not only are they functional, they are a perfect way to add extra color and pattern to a room. Decorative boxes can be very expensive, but you can create your own thrifty storage box for a fraction of the cost. Simply save shoe boxes or any other old boxes you come across that are in good shape. You can also buy unfinished decoupage boxes at any craft store for a reasonable price.

DIY Storage Box Instructions

Materials Needed: printed paper wine boxes, decorative paper, double stick tape, double-fold bias tape, fabric glue, scissors, paper cutter

1. Measure each side of the box and cut your paper to size with a paper cutter.


2. Attach the paper to each side using double stick tape. You can use glue, but the tape works great and is less messy.