Marketing tool

As a marketing tool printed wine boxes is cheap, simple and offers maximum expose for your business. A business will find that their name and logo, printed on the side of the bag, will reach not only a large audience, but a much different audience than they would normally target. By someone using a company's canvas bag they will carry it to a wide variation of places and in front of a broad spectrum of people. If someone carries a business’s bag everyday for a year and it is exposed to fifty different people every time they carry it, then that is an enormous amount of free advertising for a business. All that exposure for the cost of printing on a single canvas bag.

Uses of Eco Friendly bags


A business can use paper wine box as give-always to customers at field days and trade shows or staff can use them when visiting clients. In a retail store, instead of handing a customer’s merchandise to them in a plastic bag, give it to them in a printed canvas bag, it will look so much nicer. The bags will be guaranteed to get a lot of positive comments from customers as well as being used again and again. For businesses who sell products online they can have their products delivered in a canvas bag.